House & Office Enviroment

House or Office EMF Bio Shields soften and reformat the electrical emissions with 200+ encoded balancing your appliances and environment! This thoroughly exposes the electrical current to a natural subtle energy field composed of a range of frequencies that are vital to your health, helping to keep you safe and grounded. One House Shield protects up to 2000 sq ft. For a two-story house, it is recommended to use one upstairs at one end and another downstairs at the opposite end of the house or office. These Shields are approx. (110 mm/4 inches) tall from the base to the tip and come in stylish designs. Even though these plug-in units are created with an LED bulb, the bulb will eventually go out, but the energetic harmonious field will NOT stop being emitted; thus, they last forever! Just plug these attractive EMF Bio Shields into any outlet as you would a night light and it will help make your entire home and office safe from the weakening effects of electrical wiring, appliances, computers, vacuum cleaners, etc!

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