Smart Guard Shield


The SMART GUARD SHIELD is applied to any electric/water or gas box that contains a Smart Meter. These SHIELDS are designed to reformat micro/radio waves helping to PROTECT & Restore the energy that bad EMFs rob.

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Remnant Remedy is proud to provide the SMART GUARD SHIELD offering Quantum Solutions for today’s problems of spider web technology. Since you will probably be subjected to this unwelcome device, it may be wise to do what you can to help ensure you and your family are protected from the negative influences and effects of WIFI?

Our SMART GUARD SHIELD was created for your SMART METER and is made from organic plant resin and embedded with over 230+ resonant frequencies to modulate or harmonize the hazardous RADIO FREQUENCIES which PULSATE from the Smart Meter. This shield that is applied to any electric/water or gas box that contains a Smart Meter.

Compact and simple — just attach to any SMART METER with its small Velcro dot. It is recommended that you attach the guard on the UNDERNEATH the outside electric box where the SMART METER is located.

This product cannot be guaranteed against extreme weather conditions; therefore, it is highly recommended that it is attached to a sheltered area under the smart meter.

Dimensions: 1 ¼ inch round and ¼ inch in height.

Made in USA

SMART METERS ~ Are They Really Smart?

The media has touted the installation of the SMART METER as a great advancement in our modern age as a new and efficient way to report energy usage; thereby, enabling the saving of energy. But what is a SMART METER really?

Though it may be the most efficient way to report energy usage, the goal of installing SMART METERS is to provide an energy management tool for residential areas with the intention of educating the user on how they can reduce energy usage and stress on the energy supplier’s peak times of day. The current Administration has endorsed and mandated it as being good for you and your country. Advanced metering infrastructure (A.M.I.) includes SMART METERS as part of an overall system that includes a mesh network or series of wireless antennas at the neighbourhood level in order to collect and transmit WIRELESS information from all the SMART METERS in the area back to a specific utility provider.

This allows the utility company to have access to an individual’s home or office while monitoring electricity usage. It provides them information on what time of day and for how long you used the hot water, ran the dishwasher, took a shower, made toast, or cooked dinner. Avoiding the issue of the invasion of privacy, consider that a SMART METER is a type of electric meter that uses WIRELESS SIGNALS which uses Radio Frequencies and/or Microwave Radiation Signals that NEVER SHUT off! This eliminates having a meter reader come to your property to record your electrical usage manually. In this country and many others, these SMART METERS have been installed whether or not a utility users wants it or not.

In order for SMART METERS to work, a power transmitter, inside the home, on each appliance has to be installed. This transmitter is required to measure the energy use of each individual appliance (washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.) and sends the information back to the smart meter using WIRELESS RADIO FREQUENCY SIGNALS; so, what’s the PROBLEM?

The answer requires much more than can be provided in the space herein. However, know that SMART METERS are slated to be installed on virtually every building that has electricity in America, Australia and other countries. And since every family home, school classroom, childcare facility, every building, is to have a WIFI wireless meter installed, each site is subject to unpredictable levels of RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) every day. According to Sage Associates Environmental Consultants of Santa Barbara, California, there is NO CURRENT, RELEVANT PUBLIC SAFETY STANDARDS for PULSED RF involving chronic exposure of the public – including sensitive populations, which may be those who are dealing with medical issues that involve metal or medical implants that can be affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI) or localized heating.

Additionally, there is a question as to whether these devices have been tested and shown complicit with FCC public safety limits and whether the limits themselves are sufficient to protect public health and safety.

In response to this concern, Dr. David Carpenter was consulted. Dr. Carpenter is a public health physician, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and was formerly employed at New York State Department of Health for 18 years, during which time he was responsible for administrating the program on electromagnetic fields and later became the Dean of the School of Public Health. While the state says there is nothing to be concerned about, Dr. Carpenter says, “that’s absolutely FALSE . . . “

Check out his testimony in a legal case in Portland, Oregon wherein a parent and student filed a lawsuit against Portland School System to STOP implementation of WIFI and Dr. Carpenter’s testimony was used for the DEFENSE as to NOT IMPLEMENT such due to the potential hazards on the children and teachers.

Similar lawsuits are filed in Hawaii and other states. You can download the PDF of Dr. Carpenter’s expert TESTIMONY which also has LOTS of DOCUMENTED RESEARCH SOURCES cited @

Also, listen to Dr. Carpenter’s comments on YouTube @

What can you do to protect yourself?




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