Stainless Steel SILVER n BLACK Pendant


Protect your body from harmful EMFs! BODY PENDANT SHIELDS encode the energy field around you helping to increase VITALity and your general health.

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EMF SHIELD: Stainless Steel Collection™ – Sleek, Smooth, Stylish & Reversible. They are made with a Stainless Steel Bezel, and on the front, our Silver Logo on Black. An adjustable cord which allows you to wear them as a choker or a longer 30” pendant. Our Stainless Steel Collection™is formulated and handcrafted in the U.S. and each one is designed using non-toxic plant-based resin.

Available in two sizes, 20mm or 32mm width.

Remnant Remedy’s Chaim (Life) Bio Shield Pendants are embedded with over 200 resonant frequencies in a natural organic plant resin.  It’s like wearing a supplement that helps protect from bad EMFs while helping to restore energy and balance to the body’s cells and electrical nervous system.  EMF Bio shields along with SHeMeN (essential oils), Linen and other minerals, vitamins and supplements help restore the body from the onslaught of man-made EMFs that in scientific studies indicate may damage the body and create the ideal environment for the process of dis-ease and cancer.

Wear as a choker or long necklace OR place into your pocket (preferably on the left side of the body).  See our key rings if you just want to put it in your pocket.  They have an adjustable cord with an additional BUTTON SHIELD shield that sits directly on the spine.

Many individuals experience a sense of well being, balance, relaxation (including BETTER SLEEP which leads to better health) and better circulation where there had been constriction from stress.   Be creative! Slide it down your glass of water or wave them over food before eating hold the pendant over eyes to relieve strain and tiredness; place pendant on painful areas, such as the forehead for headache relief! The uses are endless!

Also, many essential oils help to enhance the frequency of the body’s energy field which helps to maintain a healthy electrical balance and include SHeMeNs such as GENTLE HEALER, NERVE REPAIR, BALANCE, GROUNDING, CONFIDENCE, FOCUS, FORTIFY, IN THE MOMENT, MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA (TEA TREE), FRANKINCENSE, MYRTLE, SANDALWOOD (BLENDS OF SANDALWOOD), CoHeN, HaDaSsaH and SAGE.  Visit for our Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Health Supplements, etc.

Note that Frankincense, Myrtle, Sandalwood (which are in CoHeN and HaDaSsaH) are the oils used in the Set Apart Place (Holy of Holies) where the presence of YHWH was with the Ark of the Covenant.  The Ark was much like a battery and some say a transformer, this along with the gold and the linen was given with instructions so as to be able to come into the presence of the Most High.  Is it any wonder that the SHeMeN essential oils that were given by YHWH are what helps balance the energy field of the body along with the LINEN!!!!!

SEE Articles, Videos and our LINEN STORE (Bed Sheets, Blankets, Nightwear, etc.) via our MAIN SITE @

Disclaimer: Remnant Remedy recognizes the wonderful design of the body’s ability to deal with the causes of disease, illness, pain and other health conditions. Remnant Remedy aims to educate and also offer products that are formulated to help the body deal with possible stressors, which bring about ill health. Healing comes by providing the nutritional, energetic and/or cleansing processes necessary to establish the balance required, thus aiding the body in overcoming symptoms and possible causes. Any results from the use of any products offered are due to the body’s natural ability to care for itself as intended by our Creator.

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