100% Flax Linen Sheets


100% LINEN CALIFORNIA KING Sheet SET includes 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet and 2 California King Pillow Cases (4 pieces). No seams down the MIDDLE!



RECHARGE YOUR BODY’S CELLS with Biblical Health Benefits of 100% FLAX LINEN!

100% WHITE European LINEN fabric sewn with 100% cotton thread with NO Seam down the middle!  Hem Stitched extension side panels and on pillow cases.

CALIFORNIA KING SET includes 4 pieces:  ONE FITTED SHEET (72″ x 84″ x 15″), ONE FLAT TOP SHEET (110″ x 102″) PLUS TWO King PILLOW CASES (20″ x 40″).

KING SET includes 4 pieces:  ONE FITTED SHEET (78″ x 80″ x 15″), ONE FLAT TOP SHEET (108″ x 102″) PLUS TWO King PILLOW CASES (20″ x 40″).

QUEEN SET includes 4 pieces:  ONE FITTED SHEET (60″ x 80″ x 15″), ONE FLAT TOP SHEET (90″ x 102″) PLUS TWO Queen PILLOW CASES (20″ x 30″).

Washing: Wash linens on GENTLE cycle in COOL or LUKEWARM water (less than 104 degrees F).  RINSE with WHITE DISTILLED VINEGAR to help remove detergent residue or run through an EXTRA RINSE CYCLE.  Linen loves water!  Use LESS detergent than usual (one half of what is recommended on detergent label).  AVOID BLEACH since it breaks down fabric fibers.

Drying: Dry naturally OR, if using dryer, use LOW temperatureRemnant Mama likes to dry on LOW to MEDIUM for 5 minutes ADDING LEMON, PURIFY, TEA TREEor LAVENDER SHeMeN to a piece of linen scrap cloth or a used commercial static release dryer sheet for the FRESH SCENT and ANTI-BACTERIAL and/or ANTI-VIRAL properties.  THEN take out of the dryer and drape or lay flat and as straight as possible and let finish air drying.

Only fill your dryer tumbler with HALF the normal capacity to allow the LINEN to FREELY MOVE (adding a tennis ball or two helps also).

REMEMER — LINEN dries QUICKLY!  Over drying will cause shrinkage and more wrinkles.

If dry when removing (but not over dry) fold immediately and/or iron press to remove excess wrinkles.

If sheets have cooled and wrinkles have set, toss in a dampened cloth and dry for 5 – 10 minutes on LOW – MEDIUM.

Storage: If possible, have at least 2 sets of sheets per bed, Use one for the bed and have one in storage and in laundry.

Rotate sheet sets frequently so they wear evenly.

Wash or Change sheets once a week (on day of preparation for fresh sheets on SHABBAT) in normal climates, more often in hot and humid regions.

Shrinkage:  Natural fibers will shrink.  The amount of shrinkage may range from 4 – 10%.  The sizing of these sheets allow for expected shrinkage.  Linen WASHED in HOT WATER and DRIED at HOT TEMPERATURES will shrink excessively!

P.S.  When you go to check out and you pick the FedEx choice for shipping, if it is near that price to send USPS Priority FLAT RATE, we will do so.  The shopping cart shipping rates are not always accurate for USPS Priority Mail and is many times actually less.  Additionally, we add insurance when shipping Linen Sheet Sets.


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