Magnolia Hydrosol


Magnolia Champa Hydrosol:  The HYDROSOL of Magnolia is a co-product produced during the course of steam distillation of Magnolia aka Champa or Champaca flowers to make an essential oil.  Many like to use it as a natural deodorant spray and skin softener.  Spray on skin or put in bath water.  It’s aroma is uplifting and airy like the feeling of spring time.  Used in body and skin treatments and do it yourself aromatherapy.


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Magnolia Champa (aka Champa, Champaca, Champaka) ~  Magnolia Hydrosol undiluted is used as a natural spray deodorant and/or a skin softener.  Emotionally, it has an uplifting affect for the soul and spirit: it’s known as the joy perfume.  Used in body and skin treatments, it penetrates deep into the skin with long lasting aromas while offering anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is used to reduce stress due to its floral aroma which uplifting and airy sweet offering the feeling of spring – summer seasons.

Often times, it’s used to help bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding and heavy menstruation.  Historically, also used as a cardiac toner and for soothing the heart.  If you are hemophiliac be sure to consult a specialist.

Magnolia champaca is a tall evergreen of the Magnolieaceae family from the Indonesia/Malaya eco-zone which includes regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, Indo-China and Southern China.  The timber is used for fireworks while its flowers are used for their fragrant aroma, skin and emotional uplifting.

Hydro Distillate:  Flowering Bud 

Aroma:  Sweet floral, exotic and warm aroma

Color:  Reddish brown transparent liquid

Wild: SE Asia

Constituents:  Magnolol 5%, Honokiol 2%

Solubility:  Insoluble in alcohol and oils. Soluble in water.

Caution:  Magnolia Hydrosol is considered mild with no side effects and thus used safely by children.  However, pregnant and lactacting women should seek medical advice before consuming as a tonic.

Hydrosol Aromatherapy

Hydrosol:  aka Hydrolate, Hydro Distillate, Water Essences and Water Vibrations

Hydrosols usually contain approximately 1% – 3% of the essential oil and water soluble.  While hydrosols are often milder and safer to use than essential oils and many may be taken internally, don’t just use more! 

One reason they are safer is because they are soluble in water.  This means the essential oil is not trapped by the water.  Rather, the essential is diluted into the water – that is, water soluble.  Therefore, no carrier oil is needed in most cases unless mixing hydrosols with essential oils.  This also means one does not have to dilute the hydrosol to add to bath water.  Just don’t use too much.  Be sure to research and use the proper amount for the proper use and purpose.

When there is skin irritation or burning from an essential oil, you should NOT add water because the water does not mix or dilute the essential oil; rather, it traps the essential oil and it remains concentrated on your skin. Instead of adding water to dilute an essential oil, add a carrier vegetable oil such as Apricot, Borage, Cucumber Seed, Fractionated Coconut Oil (F.C.O.), GrapeseedMoringa Seed, Olive, or Watermelon Seed oil.  By adding a carrier oil, it mixes with and dilutes the essential oil causing it to absorb more slowly into the cell tissue, thus, easing the burning and irritation.

When taking essential oils internally without a carrier oil, one takes the chance of the essential oil burning and irritating the cell tissues.  This is why many who use essential oils internally, end up with gastro-intestinal issues.  For hydrosols which are safe to take internally, this is not a problem because the essential oil of the hydrosol is already soluble and mixed with the water.  You cannot achieve the same by just adding essential oil to water as water and oil do not mix normally.

Caution:  For many hydrosols, using MORE is NOT BEST!  Though hydrosols may normally be milder and safer than essential oils to use overall; their effect may be STRONGER.  The most distinct contraindication for hydrosols is that the lower dosage usually has a stronger effect than using an essential oil.  Don’t use MORE just because the dilution is LESS. 

Think of it as giving too many instructions to a small child.  If given too many instructions at once, they get confused and can’t remember all that is told to them.  But if given one at a time and in a then another in a timely manner, they focus of the task and complete them.  When using too much essential oil or hydrosol, the cell tissues in the body receive too many instructions and may then begin to shut down or react in an unpleasant way.

*Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, Suzanne Catty



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