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LACE WEIGHT 100/3 Linen Thread is Thinner than the normal 80/3 Weight thread

50 meters (54.68 yards).

SEWING WEIGHT 80/3 Linen Thread!!

50 meters (54.68 yards)

HEAVY WEIGHT 18/3 Linen Thread is GREAT for tying your own TZITZIT!!

12 meters (13.12 yards)

We have cottage designer/manufacturers of set apart garments preferring this 100/3 weight for use in their sewing machine rather than the 80/3 weight. 

Use to sew by hand, or in sewing machine.  Linen thread has small slubs and may sometimes break when sewing in a machine.  Using a top stitch needle which has a larger eye and/or a #14, #16 or #18 needle will usually eliminate most breakage problems.  Additionally, depending on the sewing machine or serger, it may help to not sew fast and slow down.  Be sure to often clean out the lint around the needle and bobbin area.

Remnant Mama uses a Pfaff sewing machine with a top stitch needle and usually has no more than 1 – 2 breaks, if that many, in a day of sewing linen garments, etc.  Some sewing machines have more trouble with linen thread.  Pfaff users have reported no problems except to have to clean out the lint fibers often from bobbin casing.  Other users need to test their machine.  Be sure to listen to the LINEN BASICS 101 podcasts @ https://www.remnantremedy.com/radio/category/shaysh-linen/.

This thread is also nice to embroidery with on linen fabric.

Londonderry Linen Thread has tested KOSHER by lab.  Thus, not violating the Scriptural sha’atnez command in Deuteronomy 22:11 which instructs us to not mix linen with wool.

*Please note: picture is for demonstration purposes only, price & product listing is for 1 (one) spool of thread.


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