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Nitza Moshe
Biblical Health Coach & Certified Aromatherapist

Photo:  Olive Oil Press ~ Shilo, Israel ~ March 2017

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This information and any information on any Remnant Remedy affiliate sites including Pure Shemen is based on historical and traditional use, along with scientific research.  It is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition.  Authorities recommend one consults their licensed health care practitioner.

Nitza Moshe is a certified aromatherapist with additional experience and training with herbs and natural health coaching.  However, she is not a licensed physician, nor does Remnant Remedy retain a licensed physician or health care provider on staff.  Therefore, take responsibility for your health, pray and seek direction as to consulting your physician or medical health care provider.  Nothing, herein, and/or which describes any product or natural health practice on any Remnant Remedy website or via any verbal, audio, video or written communications is intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any health condition.  According to governing authorities, unlicensed persons may not use the words heal or cure and cannot guarantee that any product or practice mentioned will do such.  All information as to use of essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, and any other product is based on historical and traditional use.  By reading, watching or listening to any information aforementioned or herein, and or making a purchase, you are agreeing to understanding this is not medical advice in any way and hold Remnant Remedy, Nitza Moshe and affiliates harmless.

All Content of speaking engagements and media contents are for educational and informational purposes only which may include audio, video, radio, T.V., and product information. Nothing contained in the Content is intended to be conclusive medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment. You acknowledge that the Content is not intended to be complete, to suggest or recommend a course of treatment, or to replace personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional (or your own judgment, if you are such a professional). If you are using the Content to obtain information for another person, you acknowledge that the Content is not intended to replace the judgment of professionals, and that you will not attempt to use it to do so.
You acknowledge that Nitza Moshe and Remnant Remedy information may be flawed or limited, and, as such, you agree not to rely upon such information as the sole or substantial source of your decisions. You expressly waive any claims against, and hold harmless, Nitza Moshe and/or Remnant Remedy, where such claims arise out of information provided by such.

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