BABY LOVE (Soft) is beneficial for general skin care.  Known to assist dermatitis, acne, broken capillaries, stretch marks, rashes, mature, scaly, oily and flaky skin.  Aids skin regeneration helping to repair scarring . . .

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BABY LOVE ~ Beneficial for general skin care assists with dermatitis, acne, broken capillaries, oily skin, rashes, congested and mature skin, scaly and flaky skin.  The different SheMeN (oils) in this blend may benefit skin regeneration, scarring, and is used to prevent and retard wrinkles, enhance youthful appearance of skin and assist skin elasticity.  May assist in slowing the aging process, very soothing for skin problems, restoring wounds, especially after facial or plastic surgery.  It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, calming and re-establishes the balance of the skin.  

BABY LOVE is exceptional when used as a baby oil to avoid possible harmful effects of the mineral oil in commercial baby oils.  It is important to dilute before using on the baby – put one drop in ten drops of carrier oil.  Has been used with excellent results for diaper rash and teenage skin.  May relieve stress during pregnancy and be of benefit during the birthing process. Men may use it for chapped skin or as an after-shave.

Aromatic Influence: Formulated to create feelings of trust and love.

Application:  Wear over the heart to create soothing and relaxing feelings.  May be applied to inner ankles, across lower back and abdomen during pregnancy.  For delivery, massage perineum daily approximately two weeks prior to delivery as this may assist in avoiding an episiotomy through preparing the body to stretch. Excellent diluted with massage oil for full body massage.  Wear as a perfume or cologne, apply to face and neck areas, and add to bath water.  When using as baby oil, add 3-5 drops to 1/4 oz massage oil.  For teenage skin, in a 4 oz. spray bottle, put 10 drops of oil and fill a bottle with water that has been boiled and cooled or bottled/purified water (shake before using), spritz face several times during the day.  May work well when sprayed on sunburns.

Contains:  Rosewood, Palmarosa, Elemi, Ylang Ylang Extra, Geranium, Patchouli, Rose in a Base of Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut Oil.


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