FRANKINCENSE, Israeli Distilled (Boswellia Carterii)


Anti-cancer, immune system builder, digestive aid, anti-inflammatory, liver stimulant, anti-spasmodic, sedative, fortifying to the mind, and general health tonic. Digestive disorders, lymph congestion, powerful skin healer, uplifting.

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FRANKINCENSE (Olibanum) – Available Varieties: Boswellia Carterii, Frereana OR Sacra – Distilled in Israel

Frankincense is referenced in the Torah of the Bible and symbolizes “purity.”  This is demonstrated in its ability to clean cells in the body and repogram DNA and is used for emotional and spiritual healing and worship.  It has been used since ancient times and is considered to be most therapeutic for skin and respiratory issues.  The most treasured species of Frankincense grows naturally wild in Oman.

Be sure to read about the Biblical symbolism of Frankincense and how it relates to purity in the article and video teachings, NO FRANKINCENSE – NO PURITY!



Video: Balm of Gilead, Frankincense & Myrrh Farm, Almog – Israel, Presentation by Guy Erlich

At about nine years of age, small cuts are made in the Boswellia trees to tap for resin.  As resin exudes it hardens into “tears” which are collected 2 – 3 times a year.  On average, a tree will produce 1 kilogram of resin per year which can then be extracted into approximately two 15ml bottles of pure essential oil.  This helps us to understand and appreciate how precious and costly this SHeMEN (essential oil) of Frankincense is and why it was a gift for the King of kings, the Messiah of Israel – YeHuSHuAH.

Variations in soil, climate and yearly weather conditions help to create varied and different qualities in plants and their essential oil (SHeMeN) including the resin of Frankincense.  Not unlike mankind, Frankincense trees have to adapt to harsh environments, many times growing out of almost solid rock in the mountains of Oman.  The Creator of all things uses the fact that the trees have to adapt and overcome to survive to produce a superior therapeutic resin and SHeMeN (essential oil).

Israeli Distilled
Remnant Remedy is excited to have sourced a very high grade Boswellia carterii Frankincense from the mountains of Oman that is distilled in ISRAEL.  We love the aroma and integrity of this Frankincense!  Finally, after testing over 2 dozen frankincenses the past 5 months, we are blessed to have sourced this high quality frankincense and we’re even more excited that we can support Israel.

It’s known amongst aromatherapists who are Covenant Believers that there is a high vibrational frequency of life that emanates from plants and essential oils grown and/or distilled in Israel.  This vitality is demonstrated in lab results which test for such.  In fact, one can take a sampling of plants from the same crop, in the same year, and send those to different corners of the earth to be distilled and, when all samples are tested; the vitality results are higher for those which were distilled in Israel.

This is amazing and easily understood when we take into account that the very presence of Elohim was on the Temple Mount and in the Covenant Land of Israel.  Also, the power and the energy of the Ark of the Covenant was and, probably still is, located in the Land.

Knowing that Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, made all things and is the Author of LIFE and LIGHT and Who chose to dwell with His people in the Land of Israel causes us to ponder how that may affect living things such as plants.  In fact, His very presence or even the remnants of His presence must have an effect on everything within the Land and, particularly, those things which we know bring restorative health and operate from a measurable signature frequency.  After all, His presence and life giving energy flows from Mount Tsiyon over all the earth!  How much more so is it concentrated from the place wherein He put His name* and chose to reign from?!

The Hebrew word name in Hebrew is shem which can also denote Elohim’s power, character and authority.  See related article His Name is in Essential Oils forthcoming in Remnant Rambling Newsletter

Our Boswellia carterii Frankincenses are high quality from India and Somalia; however, this Boswellia SACRA from Oman (hydro distilled in Israel) is of higher quality and therapeutic use.  It also has a beautiful aroma.

I have been testing this new FRANKINCENSE for itching skin cancer which stopped itching.  It’s also used for scars and blemishes and we prefer Sacred Frankincense from Oman especially when dealing with scars and radical cells.  It’s great for mature skin and wrinkles.  Others use it for asthma and respiratory issues with great success.

Historical Uses:  Anti-cancer, immune system builder, digestive aid, anti-inflammatory, liver stimulant, anti-spasmodic, sedative, fortifying to the mind, and general health tonic.  Asthma, respiratory, COPD, digestive disorders, lymph congestion, powerful skin healer, uplifting.  Also reported to aid spiritual awareness, inflammation, reproductive and urinary difficulties. Used for brain inflammation, depression, Parkinson’s and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Application:  Smell the oil. Diffuse or use clay pendant diffuser or put 1 – 2 drops on palm of hand and rub together then cup over nose and inhale (be sure to block eyes from vapors).   Apply on the feet and body and on location where needed. (see Reflexology Chart).  Anointing the head with a drop of Sacred Frankincense has reported powerful uplifting effects.  Frankincense is used often with MyrrhUsed for asthma by inhaling.  Used for cancer by application.  Internal use has been noted for Frankincense – however, you should only do so after evaluation with certified aromatherapist or health practitioner.  Be sure to read BASIC SAFETY RULES for USING SHeMeN.

– When you smell or inhale an essential oil you ARE taking it internally but on a slow release method INTO your bloodstream!  This is also true for skin application.

Favorite Use:  For skin lesions, radical skins cells, and brown liver spots, warts and skin tags — layer 1 – 2 drops over 1 drop of Remnant Remedy Oregano oil mixed with 4 – 6 drops of a carrier oil.  For dry choking cough — mix 1 drop with 1 oz. water and swish in mouth and throat (may alternate with HYSSOP) then spit out.

Descriptor:  Stimulates liver, aids digestion, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic, sedating, antispasmodic.

Boswellia Catereii: Wild/Somalia

Boswellia Frereana: Wild/Egypt

Boswellia Sacra: Wild/Oman

Hydro Distilled:  Israel


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