LOVE ME TENDER (Safety, Protection, Ability to Receive)


LOVE ME TENDER:  This blend is an original custom blend for a precious sister and customer.  It was blended with the purpose of creating an aroma which would minister to her nefesh (H5315 – soul) invoking emotions of feeling safe, protected and have the ability to receive.  This blend has a warm, grounding, uplifting and delightful aroma essence.

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LOVE ME TENDER:  This blend is an original custom blend for a precious sister and customer.  It was blended with the purpose of creating an aroma which would minister to her nefesh (H5315 – soul) invoking emotions of feeling safe, protected and have the ability to receive.  This blend has a warm, grounding, uplifting and delightful aroma essence.

To create a blend, I seek to be Ruach (Holy Spirit) inspired with the artisan gift of blending which Elohim gave to me along with the additional aromatherapist training skills I’ve acquired.  Before I set out and during blending, I pray and seek help from Elohim Alef Tav.  Before, during or after, I usually get a Bible verse in my mind and/or a Word from YHWH.  Sometimes, I get words or symbols of plants and then select the oils to match.  

When custom blending, I have a certain a client (nefesh/soul) and/or purpose in mind, as directed by the client.  After consulting with the client (in this case, via email since we live thousands of miles apart) for her specific gift of sense of smell, which YHWH has given each of us, I prayed and went to work to create a Kingdom Emotion SHeMeN Blend specific to her.

After I completed the blending*, Abba impressed upon me an old Elvis Presley song, LOVE ME TENDER.  I thought of how this song and its title, “LOVE ME TENDER” would affect such a person feeling unsafe and longing for a protected love wherein one would feel safe enough to open up to love and receive love.

If someone were to “love me tenderly,” wouldn’t I feel safe, protected and want to open up to receive?

Consider the definition of SOUL or NeFeSH is Strong’s Hebrew #5315:  nun, pey, shin: refresh, soul, the whole of a person, the body, breath and mind, heart, creature, dead, will, desire, man, self, appetite.

Everything created seen and unseen was created by the LIVING Word of YHWH — DaBaR which can be defined (in Ancient Hebrew pictographs) as vibrations, frequencies put in order from the beginning or mind of YHWH (Genesis 1, John 1).

Today, due to digital technology, we know that everything has a signature frequency which seems plausible since atoms contain neutrons, electrons and protons which contains ENERGY.  Emotions are ENERGY in MOTION viz. E-Motions.  Thus, everything has a vibration and all of Creation resonates with or against the rest of Creation.

Aroma resonates with or against an individual’s sense of smell which is an amazing tool given by the Creator via the olfactory system to the brain — an amazing living computer.  Aromas of essential oils have certain chemical constituents and properties which the nose can detect.  If an aroma is pleasant and natural (but not cloaked with deception) to an individual then, most likely, it contains a chemical constituent that resonates and agrees with the person and their present emotional, physical and spiritual needs.  This can change by diet, environment, time, age, time of day, time of year, trauma, etc.

Suggested Use:  Apply topically to inside wrists, temple, back and base of neck, earlobes and/or over the heart 1 – 2 times a day or as needed.  If using the NEAT (undiluted) formula, be sure to DILUTE with a carrier oil.  Diffuse or apply to personal clay diffuser.

NEAT Formula Contains:  Onycha (Benzoin), Bergamot, Cedarwood atlas, Boswellia carterii Frankincense, Lemon, Myrrh, Pink Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang Complete

Jojoba/FCO Formula Contains:  Same as NEAT formula PLUS Jojoba and F.C.O. (Fractionated Coconut Oil/MCT)which both are used as carrier oils.

SHeMeN (Essential Oils) Based on Kingdom Emotions and Purposes

When blending oils, especially for emotional and spiritual purposes, we need to put on our Hebrew action, purpose and function thinking caps on.  By doing so, we can more ascertain which oils to use as their DaBaR energy can be better matched to resonate with the purpose of the blend and the needs or desires of the client.

It also helps to define the word of the plant oil used and its Biblical and/or historical and traditional meaning, purpose, function and use.

Citrus oils expressed from citrus plants grow, geographically, in plenty of sunshine (Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit).  Their resonance, therefore, invokes energy, warmth, sunshine and happiness.

Flower petals are normally at the top of a plant reaching for the sun and is the glorying crown of a plant.  Each person is known for their face (paneh) and countenance which is located at the top of his/her physical body.  Our countenance can be wilting or in full bloom beauty depending upon our countenance energy.  YHWH desires that we sacrifice our will — mind and emotions to Him which is our crowning glory.  The top of the head is our “crown.”  Its energy can be emanating upward, outward and around as our bio-photon field (or light/ohr/aura).

Essences of Flower petals, beautiful but delicate, are known to invoke spiritual and emotional reactions with ministering frequencies to the brain in the area of the brain known as the limbic system including the hippocampus, amygdala, cingulate gyrus, thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus, the mammillary body and other organs — many of which are of particularly relevant to the imprinting or processing of memory.

Biblically, one can find that Frankincense is a symbol for purity and it’s Hebrew name lebonah (white) also denotes such.

Myrrh can be seen in Scripture associated with prophecy as with Joseph being sold to spice traders who were merchants of myrrh (Genesis 27:25).  Other associations with myrrh are belonging and being loved as in the Songs of Solomon; and preparation and purification as for Esther to become a queen candidate.  It’s also stabilizing base in the Holy Anointing Oil (SHeMeN Tov) of Exodus 30.

Onycha was an ingredient in the Ketoret (Temple Incense).  Its basic symbolism is clawing or warfare — battling the physical, spiritual, and emotional realms.  Thus, we may use onycha when wanting to create a blend for spiritual warfare or overcoming negative emotions and/or situations.

When the Torah was translated into Greek (Septuagint version), the Hebrew word shecheleth was translated to the word “onycha” meaning “fingernail” or “claw.”

Shecheleth means “to roar; as a lion” or “peeling off by concussion of sound.”
Does not our adversary seek as a roaring lion to devour us (1 Peter 5:8)?  Yet, YHWH will call for His people (hiss/shrill) from the ends of the earth and we will roar like a lion taking hold of our prey (Isa. 29:25 – 30)!!!

Shecheleth (Onycha) is related to the Syriac word shehelta defined as “a tear, distillation, or exudation.”  In Aramaic, the root SHCHL signifies “retrieve.”

In a sense, the tears of Shecheleth (Onycha) can resonate with our tears which we cry due to our wanderings in exile.  Nonetheless, Elohim keeps track of our tears in His bottle and Book (Psalm 56:8) and they will be retrieved or wiped away and be no more (Rev. 7:17, 21:4).

So when you cry out to YHWH and pour out your tears, remember you are sowing the living waters of sorrow only to reap a harvest of living waters in joy (Psa. 126:5)

denotes being righteous or upright as a tree stands tall and upright reaching for Heaven.  Trees are a symbol of strength.  Resins of a tree are its lifeblood flowing, energy circulation for the foundation of the tree.  Barks of trees resonate the energy of strength, support and protective security.  Thus, herbs and essential oils extracted from resins and barks (frankincense, onycha, cedarwood, and myrrh) contain resonating energy and functions which may offer physical, emotional and/or spiritual support and protection.

If you ponder and observe plants, you will notice that they will stretch and bend or turn whichever direction the sunlight is in.  Their resonating desire, function and action is to reach up and towards the sun which symbolizes YHWH (YeHuSHuWAH & Torah) who is the Light of the world and which gives and sustains life.  And we are to be children of Light.

Everything created has a function and energy to which it resonates.  The Hebrew language is a verbal action language.  Being doers of the Word and not just hearers, as commanded, require action.  Amazingly, all of creation knows and functions accordingly as doing with action; even stones that cry out and plants that reach and grow towards the light.



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