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NEROLI Hydrosol/Floral Water – Citrus aurantium:  Anti-stress and calming aroma, mildly sedative to the central nervous system without causing drowsiness.  May help to stop caffeine jitters.  Used to calm children and adults with hysterics or sudden shock.  Hyperactive children and ADHD issues may be aided using both topically and internally.  Babies may use in a bottle with water as they feel a need.  Supports the body physically and emotionally during detox programs (see CellCore Detox products).  Used when abstaining from addictive habits such as smoking.  This is the Neroli Hydrosol Floral Water; see, also Neroli Essential Oil.

Used as a DIGESTIVE AID to help stimulate bile release, relieve heartburn and reflux.  Due to having anti-spasmodic properties, it been used to calm spasms in digestive tract when combined with Basil Hydrosol; sometimes offering relief to those suffering from hiatal hernia.  MIST on abdomen or apply to acupuncture digestion points to aid in the relief of stress related bloating, gas, cramps, and constipation.

Used for its flavor in sweet beverages such as fruit and or in jams and preserves.

As an antispasmodic, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, Neroli Hydrosol is used in a douche for leukorrhea or for thrush (especially when combined with Thyme, Oregano and/or Rock Rose Hydrosols — not  essential oils of such.

Used for delicate, sensitive, oily skin as an astringent.  Avoid use on very dry skin or use only 20% in combination with LAVENDER, ROSE and/or Geranium Hydrosols.  A great toner t help clear acne and other skin irritations.  Use in a face mask with clay and honey for a soothing luxurious treatment.

Traditional Uses:  Wear as a perfumeThe essential oil of Neroli is more costly while the Neroli Hydrosol may offer a affordable alternative that can be sprayed or applied more often.   Apply to skin and face for its astringent properties to tighten and tone skin while reducing excel oil secretions.  Apply to skin for its anti-inflammatory properties (reducing skin inflammation).  Apply to skin for its anti-oxidant properties to aid in reducing skin aging, premature wrinkles and dark spots.

Scent: Sublime, Floral, Fruity, Refreshing, Aphrodisiac (promoting emotions of love), with a hint of greenness aroma.  One of the more complex aromas of hydrosol and is considered as pleasant as the essential oil — some even prefer the hydrosol neroli aroma over the essential oil.

Taste:  Undiluted, the flavor is too perfumery and may overwhelm the senses.  Diluted, it is unbelievably delectable!

Color:  Yellow, mostly pale hues

Family:  Rutaceae (Citrus)

Botany:  Flowering tree with oval-shaped leaves arranged in alternate patterns.  White flowers with fruit which has sectioned pulp present inside a separable rind known as hesperidium.

Eco-Cultivated:  France


Properties:  ß-Pinene (7 to 17%), Linalool (28 to 45%), Limonene (9 to 18%), Geraniol, Beta (E)-Ocimene, a-Terpineolm, Linalyl Acetate, etc.  Soluble in Water.

Shelf Life:  Very stable, easily lasts 2 – 3+ years or more (depending on the pH).  Refrigeration and out of light with a tight cap may help to extend life.

Precautions:  May cause undesired reaction when applied to sensitive skin. Use Test Patch first to small area on forearm.  Nursing mother and pregnant ladies should consult doctor before using this floral water.


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