Pomegranate – YaDaH SALVE

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YaDaH Salve – Cold Pressed Pomegranate, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carrot Seed, Frankincense, Neroli, Sandalwood and Organic Beeswax.


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YaDaH Salve – In Hebrew, YaDaH means “to know” someone or something in an intimate way.  Enjoy this luxurious blend of oils for your skin, thyroid support, inflammation, and as an emollient for your face, skin, dry hands and feet and personal lubrication for intimate moments.  This may be a seasonal item and is only available while supplies last.

Contains: Cold Pressed Pomegranate, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carrot Seed, Israeli Distilled Frankincense Boswellia carterii, Neroli, Sandalwood Mysore Israeli Distilled and Organic Beeswax.

1 review for Pomegranate – YaDaH SALVE

  1. Susan Koessler

    GOOD-NESS! I absolutely LOVE this YaDaH ! My $100 teeny jar of face cream has been banished to the bottom of my skin care drawer. I use it 2x/day. At night after my thourough scrub,I put on 1st, the anti-wrinkle oil for over 50. Then i use my arthritis oils on respective joints.
    THEN the YaDaH.
    Ahhhhh?. Gently massage this wondeful shemen recipe, from forehead,to neck and all around neck and chest. You can FEEL it sinking into your skin. My skin LOVES it!…..by morning all the “goodies” have been absorbed &
    My skin feels like silk ! I’ve had several people tell me,”you really have a glow today.
    What’s going on w you?” I hand out the website “.com”
    And I tell them, “I am all done with
    Chemicals. Shemen oils all the way, for me ?.”

    • Nitza Moshe

      Shalom and thank you for sharing Susan! So you have a nightly protocol going I see ! You are using the Anti-Wrinkle: 50 & Wiser, then you are using the AMJ (Arthritis, Muscle & Joint) Essential Oil Blend along with the Canna Remedy CBD HERBAL Salve for Inflammation?! The YaDaH Salve you are using 2x a day is great for skin and I use it morning and night after the ANTI-WRINKLE if my skin is dry or the weather is dry. Otherwise, I alternate the two. I’m so glad you are loving and enjoying pure SHeMeN given to us by the Creator Elohim!! It is better for our health and our budget to use pure plant based products without all the chemicals!

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