May aid sinuses, flu, liver, kidneys, memory function, energy, diabetes, aging, colds, flu, mucus clearing, anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, immune system, endocrine system, regulating ovaries & testicular functions, candida, sinusitis, bronchitis . . .

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis):  General “all around” SHeMeN (oil).  May assist sinuses, flu, liver, kidneys, memory function, energy and conditions such as diabetes and aging.  Beneficial as a restorative; anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, anti-catarrhal (mucus clearing quickly), anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, immune system, colds, and flu.  Assists the endocrine system, regulating ovaries and testicular functions, candida, sinusitis, bronchitis, viral hepatitis, diabetes, cholera, mental fatigue, excellent for mornings stimulation and energy, enlivens, clears and awakens the brain, lethargy, aids speech, hearing, sight, and assists in opening the throat area.  Beneficial for headache, migraines, strengthens and promotes hair growth, dandruff, lice, cellulite, arthritis, fluid retention, irregular periods, regenerates and builds connective tissue, lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol.  Assists seborrhea, poor circulation, angina, varicose veins, rheumatism, asthma, whooping cough, colitis, jaundice, nervous and physical exhaustion, stress, gout, skin infections, muscular spasms, and sprains.  Benefits kidney and liver problems, stimulates liver metabolism and gall bladder action (bile), assists enlarged liver-cirrhosis, protects liver cells, analgesic, disorientation, aging (promoting new cell growth), strengthening the body, anemia, controlling mood swings, cellular metabolism.  Known to kill airborne bacteria.

Emotional Influence:  Helps clear thoughts, memory and presence of mind.  Uplifting and promotes feelings of love.  May promote ambition and drive, inspire the desire to achieve and strengthen willpower.

Constituent:   Monoterpenes/Ketones

Descriptor:  Stimulates liver, aids digestion, decongestant, sedative, antispasmodic and analgesic.

Organic:  Morocco

Distilled:  Herb

CAUTION:  NOT for use by people with EPILEPSY; AVOID if dealing with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE; AVOID during PREGNANCY.

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Remnant Remedy Sources 4 types of Essential Oils:  1) Wild crafted; 2) Organic Certified; 3) Organic (not certified) and  4)  Eco-Cultivated: Farmed but in an eco-sensitive manner (not certfied) and not an agrabiz grown.  Plants are grown in a traditional manner specifically for aromatherapy and therapeutic use.  If at all possible when sourcing our essential oils, we look at how plants are grown and for what purposes as well as regional and agricultural practices.  We try to source single batches and work with small sustainable organic farmers as much as possible.  We take an artisan approach first before a bulk approach with sourcing our oils.


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