SANDALWOOD MYSORE (Santalum album – India)


Sandalwood – The Aroma of Worship!  Aids nerves, insomnia, urinary, pulmonary), antispasmodic, expectorant, astringent, bactericidal, fungicidal, immune system, balance all skin types and conditions (dry, aged, cracked, chapped), increases retention of collagen & capillary circulation . . .

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SANDALWOOD MYSORE Heartwood (Santalum album) Sandalwood is Biblically associated with and symbolized as “WORSHIP.”
Our particular version of Sandalwood is rare, hard to source and smells more amazing than other varieties.  It’s so different that it is “what makes or breaks” the aroma desired in Remnant Remedy’s exclusive blends such as HaDaSsaH, CoHeN, and Bonny Sunshine.

See THE AROMA OF WORSHP: THE HEART OF SANDALWOOD, available for purchase on DVD or on Remnant Remedy’s VIDEO site.  Occasionally, we’re able to source a rare Sandalwood Mysore grown wild in East India and distilled in Israel which is, in my opinion, the most divine aroma.  It’s so rare and costly, we rarely offer it for sale by itself and reserve it for our exclusive blends such as CoHeN, HaDaSsaH, and LOVE DIVINE.  However, if you would like to order it, we can put you on a waiting list.  The aroma of the Israeli distilled Sandalwood Mysore is so different that it’s necessary to create our exclusive blends containing such as the aroma of this Sandalwood album is not the same.  However, if you love Sandalwood, this Santalum album offers you a warm earthy aroma and is more affordable.  Even more affordable with a wonderful aroma is our Sandalwood East India Spritz and Sandalwood Mysore-Karnataka Hydrosols.

Sandalwood may assist as an antidepressant, sedative (nerves), insomnia, antiseptic (urinary and pulmonary), antispasmodic, expectorant, astringent, infections (bactericidal and fungicidal) and stimulate the immune system.  Aids to balance all skin types and conditions (dry, aged, cracked, chapped), increases retention of collagen and capillary circulation, connective tissue and dermis are strengthened and moisturized.  Beneficial for psoriasis, eczema, makes a wonderful hair dressing, decongesting the lymph system, pulmonary, heart tonic, cardiac fatigue, hemorrhoids, muscle spasms, sciatica, neuralgia, strengthens connective tissue.  Aids bronchitis, catarrh, sinusitis, coughs (dry, persistent), sore throat, strep, staph, earaches, laryngitis, cholera, diarrhea, gastritis, nausea, cystitis, urinary, any inflammation or congestion of kidneys and bladder, aphrodisiac, impotence, menstrual problems, pelvic and prostate congestion, gonorrhea, increases fat metabolism (energy) and assists digestion.  Because it is the 4th highest in the constituent of sesquiterpenes, it is very beneficial in removing negative programming at the cellular level.  It increases oxygen around the pituitary and pineal glands; thus, supporting one during times of emotional upset.

For a less expensive way to enjoy this SHeMeN/oil, consider BLENDS of SANDALWOOD, CoHeN and/or HaDaSsaH blends.

Scripture:Known also as ALOE. The word SANDALWOOD is mentioned 5 times in the Bible. Numbers 24:6, Psalms 45:8, Proverbs 7:17 and Songs of Solomon 4:14. It was used for the burial of Yehushua in John 19:39 (aloes). It denoted the wealth of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea; thus, it revealed their reverence and esteem of the Messiah. The worth of 75 – 100 pounds of aloes and myrrh, today, could be well worth over $300,000.

Emotional Influence:  Calming to the nerves, quiets the soul, helps bring spiritual and physical healing.  This SHeMeN is especially soothing to those suffering stress, depression, grief, fear and when meditating on Scripture.

Modern Use:  Used for skin care, promoting deep sleep (stimulates release of melatonin), urinary tract infections, supporting female reproduction and the endocrine system.

Application:  Diffuse, topical, oral, incense.

Constituent:  Sesquiterpenes/Aldehydes/Ketones. 

Descriptor:  Anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic, anti-febrile, sedative and antispasmodic.

Wild:  India

Distilled:  Wood, Heartwood 

Available NEAT or 3% Dilution in JOJOBA


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