Jacket (White Linen)


Lightweight (6. oz.) White Linen Jacket for outer day wear or as a modest cover for your linen nightie!

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This is an amazing basic but beautiful feminine and flowy lighweight LINEN JACKET!  Love the 3/4 sleeve so you can work with your hands!

Wear as an outer wear day jacket, shirt or as a basic cover up for the BASIC NIGHTIES or PAJAMAS.

The weight of this linen is approximately 6 oz. and is a heavier linen than our linen nighties and pajamas.  Sizes in the chest and arm areas are not as roomy as our Layla Tov Nightware since it is designed for day wear also.

Chest measurements are from armpit to armpit (for total size around the chest, double the measurement below).

XL – 24″

LARGE – 23″

MEDIUM – 22″

SMALL – 21″

Hemline measurements from top of shoulder down are:

XL – 34″
LARGE – 33″
MEDIUM – 32″
SMALL – 31″

Care: Washer and Dryer Safe, Pre-Shrunk, colorfast. Ironing is optional. 

Remnant Remedy recommends washing on cold to lukewarm with distilled white vinegar and dry for 5 minutes on MEDIUM setting, then hang or lay flat for final drying which also helps avoid wrinkling and less ironing!

Please note:  Though this is made with 100% FLAX LINEN Fabric, it is sewn by the manufacturer with polyester/cotton thread.  Therefore, we consider this TRANSITIONAL LINEN and not SET APART LINEN wear because these are not sewn with 100% cotton or 100% linen thread and are not kosher.


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