Robe ~ Classic Long ~ White


CLASSIC LONG LINEN ROBE. Cover your Linen Nighties with our MODEST LINEN ROBES!



Supplies and sizes are limited.

Shopping cart picture may be in BLACK but it is ONLY AVAILABLE in WHITE at this time.  If you would like BLACK, please email us with your size and we will reserve one for you when they become available.

Please allow 1 – 3 weeks for delivery though it could be as little as 3 days depending on current inventory, weather conditions and supply availability and especially during the winter months as we may experience delays with the post office even with priority mail status.

Enjoy vibrant linen properties with modesty in our LINEN ROBES available in CLASSIC LONG, CLASSIC SHORT and KIMONO styles!

This CLASSIC LONG ROBE has a self-tie sash sewn inset into the back of the garment with deep pockets and a flattering classic shape.

The CLASSIC SHORT ROBE is exactly like the CLASSIC LONG Robe except it is 12 inches shorter in the hem line.

The KIMONO ROBE design is adapted to the ancient classic look with WIDER arms and a shorter hem length than the CLASSIC SHORT robe. It also has 2 FRONT POCKETS and a DETACHED SASH which is NOT sewn into the back of the robe.

These are a great addition to cover your LINEN NIGHTIE. Perfect for sitting on your porch or around your home especially during Shabbat with its light and breezy, yet warm and comfortable medium weight linen fabric.

Our Linen Robes are hand crafted from quality 100% linen cloth that can withstand many washings and, like all quality linen clothing, it grows softer with time and each wash.

Other Colors COMING! NOW ONLY available in WHITE but we are expecting BLACK and SOFT PASTEL PINK in the future in limited numbers. The soft pink is flattering to all skin types and coloring as it has a hint of peach.

If you would like one in pink or black contact us so we can reserve yours when the become available in limited numbers and supply.  Just email us the size and color you want and we will let you know the status and how to reserve one.

Our current model is 5’ 6” so the length may be shorter or longer depending on your height. The design is cut GENEROUSLY so be sure to measure carefully yourself ACROSS the bust line under arm centre to under arm centre so you will have the fit you want.

Our measurements are:

XL (Size 22: Arm Seam to Arm Seam 25”)

LARGE (Sizes 16, 18, 20: Arm Seam to Arm Seam 24”)

MEDIUM (Sizes 10/12, 12/16: Arm Seam to Arm Seam 23”)

SMALL (Sizes 6/8, 9/10: Arm Seam to Arm Seam 22”)

 Care: Washer and Dryer Safe, Pre-Shrunk, colorfast. Ironing is optional. 

Remnant Remedy recommends washing on cold to lukewarm with distilled white vinegar and dry for 5 minutes on MEDIUM setting, then hang or lay flat for final drying which also helps avoid wrinkling and less ironing!

Please note:  Though this is made with 100% FLAX LINEN Fabric, it is sewn by the manufacturer with polyester/cotton thread.  Therefore, we consider this TRANSITIONAL LINEN and not SET APART LINEN wear because these are not sewn with 100% cotton or 100% linen thread and are not kosher.


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