Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser ~ 100ml


Diffuse your favorite SHeMeN (essential oils) in this 100ml  Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser! Great for smaller rooms in your home, office cubicle, hotel room, etc. to help neutralize and/or eliminate odors, mold, viruses and bacteria especially during flu and cold season. Use the aroma of your choice and the different light color choices to set the tone and mood to create feelings of joy, relaxation or to pray and worship Elohim!

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The Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser is an excellent choice for diffusing your favorite SHeMeN (essential oils).  It runs approximately 3 hours without refilling with a 100ml capacity. The attractive design is small and fits most anywhere.  Good for easily moving from room to room or to pack in your suitcase when traveling.  The ultrasonic technology produces vibrations at high frequency turning the water into a mist which means it is not heat based which can alter or destroy essential oils potency, an excellent way to diffuse essential oils! 

NOTE: The actual design may vary (usually flowers of some type or a dragonfly or butterfly).

The mist output of the AromaClouds is ultra-fine, helping your oils aerosolize better into the air of your home or office compared to other diffusers on the market. 

The home model has a choice of soothing lights you can choose to turn on — Blue, Red, Green, and White — with bright and dim settings for each color. Or you can have no light at all. 

BPA free. You can use distilled, filtered, or tap water. Distilled is best because there will be less buildup, especially if you have hard water. (Don’t use tap water with water softener in it).


  • Twist the lid off then fill up with water (purified or filtered water is preferred) from the drain side stopping just at or under the 100 ml line. 
  • Add Drops of SHeMeN:  Start with 5-10 drops. Increase or decrease as needed, depending on how light or strong you want the aroma. Citrus oils are a great choice to diffuse as they will not corrode the diffuser.  You can use any of our oils — singles or blends.  Be careful when using thicker oils and/or Cinnamon Bark as these oils will increase the wear on the diffuser and may require additional, more frequent, cleaning. 
  • Twist the lid back on fully matching the minutes ABOVE the MIST Button
  • Make sure the power plug is fully plugged into the BOTTOM of the diffuser and into the power source
  • Push the Mist button and hold for 3 – 5 seconds until the light turns on and is next to the MINUTES of time you want it to operate.  “On” will last for the number of minutes you set it for or when it runs out of water.  This is a major difference from the Breeze Diffuser which you must turn on and off and has no timer. 
  • Click the Light button on the light color desired. 
  • Set the AMOUNT of MIST: Click High/Low button. 1 beep is High, 2 beeps is low. 
  • ENJOY!



Length of time:  Your choice of 30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes.  Just click the Mist button until the green light is next to the desired number of minutes. 

Lights: You have your choice — Blue, Red, Green, and White — with bright and dim settings for each color. Or you can have no light at all. 

Auto Shut-off: Shuts off when it detects the diffuser is out of water, which also extends the life of your diffuser.  

Size: Height is 5.5 inches, the diameter is 3 inches. It holds up to 100 ml of water.

Dual Voltage: American plug (NEMA 5-20 Standard), accepts 100-240v making it compatible with other outlets around the world using a conventional adapter, without the need for voltage adjustment.

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions.

Cleaning:  When operating to diffuse, using *purified or filtered water is preferred to reduce mineral deposits.  However, cleaning is very easy.  Unplug before cleaning.  Clean regularly using a paper towel and/or cotton swab.  You may use rubbing alcohol or vinegar and/or wipe out with a cut lemon.  If needed, scrub with citric acid which is normally available in the canning section of your local grocery or hardware store.

Caution: Always operate with the lid on or the water and essential oils will splash everywhere. Keep out of reach of children.


Troubleshooting Guide

1. Trouble turning the AromaCloud Home on?    Hold the Mist button in for 3-5 seconds until it turns on.
2. How do I set it for any length of time?    Click mist button until it goes to the length of time you want it on. Match the green LED light with the corresponding number printed on the shell (30, 60, 120, or 180 minutes)
3a. Not putting out very much mist?  Make sure the water is at or below the fill line (located about ⅔ of the way up the reservoir). If the water is too high, the mist will not have enough room to form.
3b. Still not putting out much mist?   Make sure the small metal pressure plate in the center of the diffuser is clean. Use a Q-Tip and clean it off with rubbing alcohol or vinegar every week. That must be kept clean for the diffuser to work.
4. Still not running?  Do not allow anything other than water and essential oils in the diffuser while it is in use. Dirt, hair, and other small objects will damage and break the diffuser.
5. Won’t stand up straight?   Be sure the cord is fully plugged in underneath the diffuser and that the cord is snapped into the slot made for it. Keep it on a level surface.


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