YHWH Clay Diffuser (Emerald Cut)


YHWH (Ancient Hebrew) Personal Pendant Clay Diffuser with Deer Leather Chain


Earn up to 1 Point.


YHWH Dove (Ancient Hebrew) Personal Pendant Clay Diffuser:  SHaLoM is the Hebrew word for peace, complete or wholeness (shown in Ancient Hebrew pictograph).  Available with Brown, Dark Brown or Turquoise Leather cord.  Ceramic clay handcrafted and fired by Living Stones Designs.  Your purchase helps support cottage artisans, single moms and widows.

Directions:  Apply 1 – 2 drops of  Remnant Remedy Pure SHeMeN (essential oil) to front of pendant and rub in.  Will last 1 – 7 days depending on type of SHeMeN used.

Caution:  Use oils wisely.  Avoid choking hazards and oil sensitivities and keep AWAY from infants and small children. 


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