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BERGAMOT (Citrus aurantium var. bergamia) May assist with inflammation, infection, intestinal parasites, depression, stress, vaginal candida.  Useful as insect repellant.  Has been known to aid acne, boils, cold sores, herpes infections, alleviating pain of shingles and chickenpox, oily complexion, psoriasis (may be excellent), scabies, and varicose ulcers.  Used to release excess mucus, halitosis, mouth infections, tonsillitis, gas, loss of appetite, cystitis, leucorrhea, thrush, colds, fever, flu, antiseptic, infectious diseases, anxiety, depression, stress, refreshing and uplifting quality.  Known to assist childhood diseases and immune-deficiency.

Emotional Influence:  May stabilize a person in a shaky emotional state.  Diffused may assist in breaking a cigarette smoking habit.  May assist in calming anger.  During times of sadness or grieving, it has been known to assist in reopening the heart energy center for healing emotional wounds and inspire or restore joy, loving feelings and giving/reaching out to help others.  BERGAMOT helps keeps the mind young and alert as it is stimulating and uplifting.  Assists in letting go as well as an anti-depressant.

Application:  Add Bergamot to regular black/orange pekoe tea and create your own EARL GREY Tea for a refreshing tea that gives a lift.  Leave out the black/orange tea bag and just add Bergamot for an herbal tea.  Add Stevia or honey to sweeten. 

Descriptor:  Alkalizing (alterative), antispasmodic, stimulates liver, aids digestion. 

Constituent:  Esters/Monoterpenes. 

Certified Organic:  Italy, India

Cold Pressed:  Peel

NOTE:  Remnant Remedy’s 15ml bottles are actually filled 16ml – 18ml total.

CAUTION:  Phototoxic.  Avoid direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for up to 72 hours after use. The furocoumarin content in this oil will react in the sun.  Do not use on exposed skin.


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