HaDaSsaH SHeMeN Blend


An exclusive blend providing a wonderful way, for less cost, to experience the benefits of the more costly ToRaH SHeMeN (oils) used by the CoHeN (priests) in the temple & to purify HaDaSsaH (Esther) to be the king’s bride.


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HaDaSsaH ~ This is Remnant Mama’s exclusive blend providing a wonderful way, for less cost, to experience the benefits of the more costly Biblical SHeMeN (oils) used by the CoHeN (priests) in the temple and to purify HaDaSsaH (Esther) to be the king’s bride.  These Biblical SHeMeN have been found to repair DNA and have been used since Ancient times for their anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anticoagulant, calming, antioxidant, decongesting, antibacterial, antimicrobial and fungicidal properties.  See the expanded descriptions and qualities for each SHeMeN in this synergy for its other properties and uses.  Restores skin and senses.

See CoHeN Blend and HaDaSsaH & CoHeN Duo.

Use to condition your SHOFAR, medicinally for spiritual and physical restoration and to call the elders and pray for the sick or those in need!!!!  This Remnant Remedy EXCLUSIVE blend provides a wonderful way, for less cost, to experience the benefits of the more costly ToRaH SHeMeN (oils) used by the CoHeN (priests) in the temple & to purify HaDaSsaH (Esther) to be the king’s bride.

This Blend was formulated by Nitza so others could experience and enjoy the LUXURIOUS BENEFITS of the more costly Biblical ToRaH SHeMeN (essential oils) of Frankincense, Galbanum, Hyssop, Myrrh, Myrtle and Sandalwood* and Spikenard which are also known to help repair DNA.

CoHeN and HaDaSsah both contain the Biblical ToRaH SHeMeN (essential oils) of Cedarwood, Frankincense, Galbanum, Hyssop, Myrrh, Myrtle, Sandalwood/Aloe and Spikenard in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. The difference between the two is that CoHeN has a higher ratio of Cedarwood and its aroma picks up more of the Cedarwood and ish (men) tend to love it more than HaDaSsaH. HaDaSsaH picks up more of the Sandalwood, Myrtle, Hyssop, Myrrh and Frankincense scents and isha (women) usually prefer it over CoHeN.

*These blends do not include the “hot” Torah oils such as cinnamon, cassia, etc.

These Biblical ToRaH oils were used by the CoHeN/priests in the temple and to purify Esther/Hadassah (a Living Stones Temple). These SHeMeN/oils in these BLENDS have been found to repair DNA and have been used since Ancient times for their anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anticoagulant, calming, antioxidant, decongesting, antibacterial, antimicrobial and fungicidal properties along with their aid for settling emotions and creating feelings of stability, security and worship.

Following is a brief description of each the SHeMeN (essential oils) in these Remnant Remedy EXCLUSIVE BLENDS of CoHeN and HaDaSsaH. These oils are available under our SINGLES category.

CEDARWOOD:May assist in respiratory infection or congestion, chronic bronchitis, coughs, arthritis pain, boils, wound healing and the nervous system. Used by cohen/priests (Lev. 14:4, 6, 9, 51-52).

Descriptor: Anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic, sedative, antispasmodic.

FRANKINCENSE: Has been known to be an incredible immune system builder and used in cancer research and treatments, anti-tumoral. May assist dry skin, scars, fevers, anxiety and ease labor pain.

Stimulates liver, aids digestion, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic, sedating, antispasmodic. Wild ~ Somalia (Hydro Distilled)

GALBANUM: Historical Use: May assist in supporting kidneys and aid as an anti-microbial. Constituent: Monoterpenes/Esters/Coumarins.

Descriptor: Stimulates liver, aids digestion, decongestant, alkalizing, anti-coagulant, sedating. Used as part of the holy incense and in the Tabernacle during sacrifices. Exodus 30:34-38.

HYSSOP:  This bitter herb of the Bible was used to purify the temple, during the Passover and the crucifixion of Yehushua/Jesus (Exodus 12:22; Lev. 14:4, 6, 49, 51, 52; Num. 19:6, 18; I Kings 4:33; Psalms 51:7; John 19:29; Hebrews 9:19). May strengthen lungs; benefit poor vitality, breathlessness and immune deficiency. It is a symbol of spiritual cleansing. It strengthens the lungs, benefits poor vitality, breathlessness, and immune deficiency. It helps to prevent colds and flu and works to fight infection. Stimulates and warms the digestion and may be used for appetite loss, slow digestion and abdominal bloating. Its effect on the nervous system and mind is a distinctly invigorating one. Recommended for poor concentration, mental fatigue and chronic nervous debility. Once considered the “Herb of Protection,” it was thought to defend the individual and their home from negative influences. Biblically and historically, it is believed to protect and purge one physically and spiritually. It benefits the type of person who is easily affected by other’s moods and emotions, and who, as a result, quickly absorbs tension from their environment. It helps to purge confused thoughts and negative emotions, which leads us to greater spiritual insight and generosity. Other benefits are to discharge toxins, clear lungs, open up the respiratory system, and normalizing blood pressure. Benefits bronchitis, colic, fatigue, colds, dermatitis, bruises, gout, nervous tension, arthritis, anti-inflammatory of the pulmonary, rheumatism, sore throat, stimulates and decongests liver, hepatitis, intestinal parasites, cystitis, aids nervous depression, anxiety, and regulating lipid metabolism. Use in moderation as it is a very hot and stimulating oil in nature, 4 or 5 drops may be used in a massage.

Descriptor: Expectorant, antioxidant, stimulates liver, aids digestion, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, alkalizing, tonic. 

MYRRH: May benefit inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, chapped and cracked skin, wrinkles, hemorrhoids and voice loss.

Descriptor: Stimulates liver, aids digestion, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic.

MYRTLEMay assist respiratory problems, asthma, sinus infection, prostate decongestant, infectious disease, flu and colds.

Descriptor: Stimulates liver, aids digestion, decon-gestant, expectorant, antioxidant.

SANDALWOOD: May assist as an antidepressant, sedative, antiseptic, expectorant and stimulate the immune system. Sandalwood is costly and precious and a wonderful gift from Abba!

John 19:39 (Burial Oil for Yehushua). 5x in Scripture; Num. 24:6, Psalms 45:8, Prov. 7:17, Songs 4:14.

Emotional Influence: Quieting, meditation and healing.

Modern Use: Used for Skin care, deep sleep (stimulates release of melatonin), supports female reproduction and endocrine system and urinary tract infections. May assist as an anti-depressant, sedative (nerves), antiseptic (urinary and pulmonary), anti-spasmodic, astringent, bactericidal, expectorant, fungicidal, infections, and stimulates the immune system. Assists and balances any skin type or condition (dry, aged, cracked, chapped), increases water retention of collagen, increases capillary circulation, connective tissue and dermis are strengthened and moisturized, benefits for psoriasis and eczema. It makes a wonderful hair dressing. Beneficial for decongesting the lymph system, pulmonary, heart tonic, cardiac fatigue, hemorrhoids, muscle spasms, sciatica, neuralgia, strengthens connective tissue. For bronchitis, catarrh, sinusitis, coughs (dry, persistent), sore throat, strep, staph, earaches, laryngitis, cholera, diarrhea, gastritis, nausea, cystitis, urinary, any inflammation or congestion of kidneys and bladder, aphrodisiac, impotence, menstrual problems, pelvic and prostate congestion, gonorrhea, increases fat metabolism (energy), assists digestion and a sedative. Assists depression, insomnia, stress and nervous tension, for obsessions, past ties, feelings of isolation and aggression, grief and egocentric behavior. Assists in removing negative programming from the cells, increases oxygen around the pituitary and pineal glands, supporting in cases of low self-confidence and fear. 

Traditional Application: Apply to where needed, across forehead, on the ears, back of the neck, or in a massage. Diffuse, topical, oral. As anointing oil for PRAYER or illness. SHOFAR OIL! 

SPIKENARD:  Beneficial for candida, rashes and allergic skin reactions, inflammation, wound healing, incurable skin problems, unites functions of skin layers (regenerates functions), rejuvenation for mature, allergies, menstrual difficulties, regulates hormonal system when imbalanced, stimulates ovaries, nausea nervous indigestion, insomnia, migraine, inflammation, antifungal and relaxing.  Balances sympathetic and parasympathetic functions, calms restlessness.  In India it is regarded as a medicinal herb and skin tonic.  Historically used in Israel and Egypt.

Emotional Influence:  Promotes a teachable heart and spirit and intensifies feelings toward devotion, generosity and a deep inner peace/SHaLoM.  Aids to balance emotional, spiritual and physical energy.

Many have had success removing warts, skin tags and some types of dermatitis by apply 1 drop of Oregano mixed with 3 – 4 drops of CoHeN or HaDaSsaH to the area needed both morning and evening.

For your SHOFAR, apply and rub on — will help condition the shofar and last for months.The AROMA is given off when blowing the shofar!

Nitza pours oil down the mouth piece and the end of the shofar then takes the oil that runs out and wipes with a linen cloth and uses it to rub and condition the outside of the shofar. This usually last from 3 – 6 months leaving the ToRaH oil aromas and a shiny conditioning coat on the dry shofar. No more gamey smell. Blow the shofar and fill the air with vibrating sounds and aroma of ToRaH!

 *This is NOT the Anointing Oil (SHeMeN Tov aka SHeMeN haMishchah) nor is it the Ketoret Blend (which is actually dry spices and resin) referred to in Exodus.  Scripture specifically mentions 4 of the ingredients — Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Cassia and Olive Oil.  A clay log (jar) of the Shemen haMishchah (anointing oil of Moses) was found in a cave at Qumran in 1988 based on information decoded from the Copper Scroll of Jeremiah.  The sages believe there are a total of 11 spices in the Temple Incense Oil.  It’s believed that only Moses knew the exact spices and orally passed the secret recipe onto the Levites as Scripture does not specifically mention the “spices.”  Until the discovery in 1988, only 6 of the 11 spice identities were known.  After chemical analysis of the oil found in Qumran, 4 of the remaining unknown 5 spices were identified.  The last ingredient is still up for debate as the analysis was inconclusive.  However, as of Sukkot 2014 — it is believed the last ingredient has been identified.  Sign up for Remnant Ramblings newsletter and check our informational site www.LivingStonesTabernacle.org for future articles on this topic.


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