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Milia MASSAGE Blend (White Head): Contains Black Pepper, Eucalyptus citriodora and Jojoba.  Use with Milia Steam Blend.

Whiteheads or milia are tiny cysts on the skin filled with hard, milky-white protein called keratin.  Can appear singularly or in clusters.  If they’ve been on the skin for some time, it may be best to have a professional aesthetician removed them.  However, usually they can be dispersed by massage.

Step 1 – Steam

Apply 3 drops Milia Steam Blend to pot or bowl of steaming water.  Stir and put face over the pot/bowl but not to close as to avoid burning the face.  Cover your head with a large towel to create a steam tent. 

Steam face with milia for approximately 3 – 5 minutes.  Then remove towel and stop steaming.


Step 2 – Massage

Apply 1 – 2 drops the Milia Massage Blend to a cotton swap to use as an applicator to apply to the milia on location.

Then use one finger to massage in a circular movement over the hardened lump. 

It may take several attempts to get the milia to soften enough to be removed.

A very small amount of the oil can be used massage the milia 2 – 3 times per day, especially, morning and evening before retiring to sleep.  Be sure to NOT get the Milia Massage Blend on the rest of the face.


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