SPIKENARD (Nardostachys jatamansi)


May aid candida, skin tonic,  wound healing, rejuvenation for mature, allergies, menstrual difficulties, regulates hormones, nausea, indigestion . . .


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SPIKENARD (Nardostachys jatamansi) ~ Beneficial for candida, rashes and allergic skin reactions, inflammation, wound healing, incurable skin problems, unites functions of skin layers (regenerates functions), rejuvenation for mature, allergies, menstrual difficulties, regulates hormonal system when imbalanced, stimulates ovaries, nausea nervous indigestion, insomnia, migraine, inflammation, antifungal and relaxing.  Balances sympathetic and parasympathetic functions, calms restlessness.  In India it is regarded as a medicinal herb and skin tonic.  Historically used in Israel and Egypt.

Emotional Influence:  Promotes a teachable heart and spirit and intensifies feelings toward devotion, generosity and a deep inner peace/SHaLoM.  Aids to balance emotional, spiritual and physical energy.

Scriptures:  In Scripture 7 times.  Songs of Solomon 1:2, 4:13-14, Matthew 26:7, Mark 14:3, Luke 7:36-38 and John 12:3.  Y’shua’s (YeHuSHuaH/Jesus) feet were anointed with SPIKENARD before His crucifixion on the execution state; thus, it was the SHeMeN received by Him before His arrest.  Did the woman anoint His head or feet?  Who was she?  He was anointed 3 separate times.  See page 221 and Chapter 10 of Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. Stewart.

Ancient Uses:  Perfumes, medicines, skin tonic, incense, mood enhancer.  A ToRaH and ReNewed Covenant Biblical SHeMeN (essential oil).

Modern Uses:  Allergies, migraine, nausea, cardiovascular support, tachycardia, relaxing, soothing, emotionally calming.  Promotes an uplifting mood.

Descriptor:  Sedative, alkalizing and expectorant.

Constituent:  Esters/Monoterpenes

Certified Organic/Wild:  Nepal, India

Wild:  Available @ 3% Dilution in Jojoba

Distilled:  Rhizome

Application:  Apply to abdomen, on location, heal and/or head.  Inhalation or Diffuse.

Found In:  Out of Egypt (Exodus), CoHeN, HaDaSsaH, Vital to Worship, Secret SodREMEDY CHEST #5 (ToRaH Healing Oils).


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