YLANG YLANG EXTRA is the 1st extraction; therefore, more concentrated & more therapeutic achieving faster results by using LESS than YLANG YLANG COMPLETE.  Both are calming & anti-spasmodic.  May assist heart, blood pressure, palpitations, diabetes . . .

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YLANG YLANG EXTRA (Cananga odorata) – This is the first extraction which is therapeutically calming, relaxing, soothing, nervous system, anti-spasmodic, balancing equilibrium, heart function, high blood, pressure, palpitations, diabetes, tachycardia, arterial, hypertension, general, tonic, diabetes, mental, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hair loss, reducing, hyperpnea abnormally, rapid breathing, general skin care, wrinkles, balancing, oily skin, emotionally builds confidence.

Ylang Ylang (meaning flower of flowers – Tagalog, Philippine language) is distilled in “fractions” meaning the essential oil is taken off from different stages and timing (Extra, 1, 2, 3 and Complete) of the distillation process.  There is not a difference in quality of the essential oil; however, there is a difference of chemical constituents and aroma.  The FIRST fraction is called “EXTRA” which contains more esters and has a more fruity and sweeter aroma than Ylang Ylang Complete.   Ylang Ylang Complete is taken from the last of the distillation timing containing higher levels of sesquiterpenes and a sweet, but, herbaceous aroma.

Emotional Influence:  Dispelling anger, emotional coldness, tension, frustration, balancing, love and enhancing relationships.

Constituent:  Esters/Phenols/Sesquiterpenes

Descriptor:  Sedative, aphrodisiac and nervine.

Eco-Cultivated:  Indonesia, Madagascar

Extraction:  Distilled (flower)

Eco-Cultivated (Organic but not certified)

Remnant Remedy Sources 4 types of Essential Oils:  1) Wild crafted; 2) Organic Certified; 3) Organic (not certified) and  4)  Eco-Cultivated: Farmed but in an eco-sensitive manner and not an agrabiz grown.  Plants are grown in a traditional manner specifically for aromatherapy and therapeutic use.  If at all possible when sourcing our essential oils, we look at how plants are grown and for what purposes as well as regional and agricultural practices.

Remnant Remedy’s 15ml sized bottles actually contain 16ml – 18ml of essential oils. 


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