Onycha (Styrax Benzoin)


ONYCHA / BENZOIN (Styrax Benzoin): Enjoy the toxicating aroma of Onycha aka Benzoin. This thick SHeMeN has an aroma is similar to vanilla. This oil of the Torah Scriptures represents intercession and warfare* and is part of the Aroma Prayer Spa Kit.

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ONYCHA / BENZOIN (Styrax Benzoin):  Enjoy the intoxicating aroma of Onycha aka Benzoin.  This thick, honey like, SHeMeN has an aroma similar to vanilla.  This oil of the Torah Scriptures represents intercession and warfare* and is part of the Aroma Prayer Spa Kit.  

The Onycha of today is identified as Benzoin styrax which is a tree species in Indonesia.  The identification of the Onycha from the Torah is debated by scholars and Jewish sages such as Rashi that it could be labdanum, rock rose or perhaps a sea snail.  Onycha was an ingredient in the ketoret – holy incense.

Onycha is used for bronchitis, chapped skin, sore muscles and arthritis as it is anti-inflammatory.  It’s also used to fumigate and yet is used as an aphrodisiac as it has emotionally uplifting properties.  Onycha is also used for its antiseptic properties to aid eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Traditionally, it’s used as an antiseptic cleanser for cuts and wounds.  Its properties also include being anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidating, and as a deodorant, diuretic, expectorant and sedative.  By adding a carrier oil one can apply topically to chest and back to loosen phlegm, stomach for cramping, to dry chapped skin to soothe and to wounds to slow bleeding (Cypress and Helichrysum italicum is excellent to stop bleeding).

Emotionally used to deeply inhale in order to relieve emotional spasms.  Used also when aggression or anger needs to be calmed and not dominate a situation.  Its soothing fragrance invokes gentleness and serenity.

In Hebrew, shecheleth means to roar as a lion or peeling off by concussion of sound.  It’s related to a Syriac word meaning a tear, distillation or exudation – exuding drops.  The word onycha, meaning fingernail or claw was substituted for shecheleth when the Torah was translated into the Greek Septuagint. 

Surely the lion of Judah roars (intercedes and wars) for his people and when He comes for His people there will be a mighty sound that will cause a concussion of sound peeling off all that is not of Elohim.

The battle is in our hearts.  From our hearts, all life is sourced and given to the rest of the body.  We need Elohim’s light and a burning desire of passion for the Him and the things of Him that He desires.  May He consider and here us and enlighten our eyes and light a fire within us.

Scripture:  Exo. 30:34 – And YHWH said unto Moses, “Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte and onycha, and galbanum; these sweet spices with pure frankincense; each of which shall be of like weight.” (Holy Incense – Ketoret).

For Reflection and Prayer:
  Psalm 13:3, II Chron. 7:14, Hosea 5:14 – 6:6, 2 Cor. 2:10-14, Rev. 5:5, 10:3

Indonesia, Laos

Distilled:  Resin

Found In:  Prayer Warrior.

CAUTION:  Avoid during Pregnancy.  May cause extreme skin irritation.  Diffuse with Caution as it may irritate the nasal membranes if it is inhaled directly from the diffuser.

Biblical references, teachings and prayers relating to Onycha herein were researched, written and copyrighted by Remnant Remedy aka Nitza Moshe, Certified Aromatherapist.

*Meanings of Biblical Torah Oils were researched and are copyrighted by Clinical Aromatherapist and P.h.D. of Judaic Studies, Rivka Sari.

Please contact us for permission to use any of the information herein in any type of media, print, video, audio or electro-magnetic reproduction.


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